an european dream

video installation


Coming from a country with a bitter history of separation and borders, I am wondering what the concept of unity stands for in our contemporary society. Linking the past and the future, reflecting on events that happened, events that are happening and events that might eventually happen, I am wondering:

The idea of being together

- only



In this work I used diverse video techniques to explore the idea of togetherness from several points of view. Togetherness: within oneself, within a community, within history, within the universe. Being placed into different perspectives, zooming out and zooming in, the audience’s perception shifts between observing, engaging and mirroring. What is our role and how are we individually participating in ‘unity’? The overlap of video footage and 3D renders is a mean of questioning our communal behaviour in the future. What is the impact of us of being connected in a virtual world instead of the real?

The work was presented in a dark space while the video was being projected from the top onto the ground. It was my aim to create a circular gathering inspired by bonfire situations. This was important to me since the act of gathering around a fire holds the meaning of sharing knowledge, history and tales. Just like watching sparks of hypnotizing flames, the work was an invitation to drift into a void of beginning and endings, perhaps discovering previously unseen interconnections. Instead of making a clear statement, I chose the work to be a call for reflection.

The creation of ‘a European dream’ took place during a two-week group project while I was in the role of the creative director. I was assisted by Hannah Mulqueen, Daan Jensen and Pamela Varela.


Sound references:

That world, Tim Hecker

Human Developers, Caterina Barbieri

Modular Body, Astrid Sonne

Opiaze Opto, Alva Noto

Love in the time of Lexapro, Oneohtrix Point Never

Documentation of the final presentation.