Coming soon / 2020

Deserted landscapes passing by and by, the street is flickering and the earth dry. A shaky camera and footage in movement reveal the setting of a journey. We follow the gaze of the drifting sceneries, laughter and blurred voices in the background. While tracing the sandy nature of the Middle East, we follow the myriad pieces of a chopped phone conversations. A friendship that speaks about unfulfilled dreams and lost possibilities and the complex process of trying to understand the interwoven past and the current relation of the two states, Israel and Germany. The film emphasises the struggle of this girl's generation to identity itself within the whirl of an extremely fragile, yet globalized and interconnected world. On the search of facing their historical past and the will to breakout of their internalised Western view, the two women are suddenly pushed into a global crisis making them face the hard realities and impossibilities of crossing borders.

This film is being created in collaboration with Hannah Aschenbrenner.