compositions of unbroken flows

audio-visual performance with motorised turning wheels


With my work "compositions of unbroken flows," I am inviting the audience to an audio-visual journey through a landscape of thoughts on materiality and fluidity. Exploring the beautifully chaotic discourse on corporeal entanglement, I am questioning the borders and boundaries of the individual body.

Inspired by the craft of pottery and clay’s symbolism of matter, I use mechanised turning wheels to compose a swirling dreamscape that contextualises my research. Playing with the synchronicity of sound, image, and movement, as well as that of human and machine, I weave my own narrative into the discourse of bodily entanglement.

Together we morph, move, spin, spiral, swirl,

and dance.

metal structure and metal plates, wiper motors, motor controller, generated visual narrative, generated soundscape, performance

Software: Arduino, Touchdesigner, Milumin, Ableton Live, After Effects

sound art: Hilde Wollenstein
electronic hardware: Maarten Keus
visual programming + projection mapping: Xiaoyao Ma
engineering assistance: Sorin Angeleanu 
filming assistance: Hilde Barwegen
entangled dancers: Ines DeRu, Cami Chebez, pamela varela, Lara Santos
dialogue voice credits: Robinou, Ines DeRu, pamela varela, Marlot Meyer, Maarten Keus, Tim Schütze
special Thanks: robinou, Sorin Angeleanu, KABK metal workshop
documentation by: Melle de Groot, Sorin Angeleanu and Robinou

"compositions of unbroken flows" is my
bachelor graduation project from the department Interactive / Media / Design.
It was exhibited during the Graduation Show 2021 at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

This work is part of the trilogy ặnim@
a collaborative project by our cyberfeminist collective sWitches (Ines DeRu, pamela varela, Ella Hebendanz).
We use technology as our magickal tools, spells, and ingredients to create a new realm for feminism, collectiveness, and empowerment.