a world of me

performance, unity

ongoing since 2018

‘World of me’ is an explorative ongoing project. I started with this work in 2018 when I experimented with applying my facial texture to different elements. First simple shapes and objects, then I created the interior of a room which then developed into an entire city and finally an endless landscape.

During the process of the project, I came to wonder about the difference between me and literally the rest of the world.

How do we define one self

and separate us from another?

I see the concept of this project very much based in our contemporary society. Not only through social media but the general structure of our western community, the ‘I’ stands in focus. Individualism is the core of society and we are more and more blinded by ourselves, unable to see anything else.

While developing the landscape in a later state of the project, I started using Live Camera Input on the 3D models. My perspective shifted and I became aware of another body. If my universe does not consist of me but of someone else, how do I behave differently in this world?

For one of my performances, I created a game situation where the audience was able to interact with the landscape by walking, running and jumping. The texture was streamed from a Webcam which was hovered on top of a hidden naked female body.

It was my aim to reference the mistreatment of the world that has been given to us, our own mother nature. Just like many times the female body is treated like a pure object, so do we misuse nature and our surroundings. It seems like we are children playing with our surroundings like inside a game, however thereby we are unable to recognise the consequences.