h of holiness

video, performance


This project H of Holiness is firstly based on typography. Coming from the initials of my name, I redesigned and repurposed the letter H. During the process my research followed two paths simultaneously: The way the letter is typographically constructed as well as terms/ words starting with an H inspired me to work with Feminism and Activism.

I started recognising the H not only as a letter but also as a tool. In my head I transformed it into the weapon of a slingshot. But instead of following the theme of war, I wanted to reuse this tool for a holy symbol which I found worth fighting for.

Slowly there is a conversation arising about the female blood, however I wanted to push the topic of menstruation to a new level and confront people with the purity and naturalness of this bodily process. Still too many girls and women are ashamed to speak openly about their period in our contemporary society. With this project I want to empower other women as well as fight body shame.


Sound references:

Summoning, Tanya Tagaq

Agnus Dei, Samuel Barber

The project was presented within a group exhibition initiated by Gert Dumbar.