interactive installation


Genesis is an interactive installation collaboratively created by Kim Smit, Suhani Nawalkha, Yegyeong Cha, Pamela Varela and Ella Hebendanz.

Deriving the narrative from the Book of Genesis, our group aims to create an experience where the user can interact with the various elements (inspired by the platonic solids) of the different days of creation- the sun, moon, sky, animals, etc., thus showing human’s influence on the universe impersonated as the ecosystem.

The experience takes place inside a pavilion, and the user is guided through the journey of creation by different mediums that take the narrative ahead, including light, sound and textual material in the form of clues/hints.

The various elements of the Genesis of creation are represented in the space.

People (in groups of 3-4) enter the space and try to make sense of the environment by interacting with various elements, reading clues, positioning them in proper places, and thus taking the narrative ahead, step by step.

Our research was based on the concepts of playground as well as the playful interaction between human and nature. It is our aim to transform the playground back into a communal ground, based on an ever-shifting and challenging concept of play. The modular aspect of the pavilion implicates the idea of play that is created by the unexpected. We want to invite the participants to explore and investigate the project space on all levels and dimensions.

Within the group I was responsible for the visuals and I was part of creating the concept as well as building the structure.