second skin

interactive garment


How are we influenced by society and how do we influence society?

How can one visualise this interlinked process of movement

between the two?

This interactive garment visualizes a second skin that is meant to display the coherence between the individual and society. The wearable serves as protector and exposer at the same time. With the use of LRD sensors that react to light, it detects the movement of the surroundings and especially the physical influence of other people. When triggered, the motors pull and stretch the fabric across the body. While wearing the outfit, the performer can chose to either let oneself be guided by the external movement or on the other hand protect oneself, letting solely the motors react and interact with the environment.

The electronic part consists of LRD sensors, Servo Motors and silicon wires, all controlled through an Arduino Uno. The visible electronics display the inner life of a body; organs and veins that interact just underneath the surface. Consciously working with the element of opacity, I want to question the distinction between

human and machine.

The garment is composed of different layers and shades of tulle, resembling a skin like textile, a transparent layer that wraps around the human flesh. Since I designed the outfit for my own body, it is a unique representation of my skin and the reason I decided to work with light skin colors.

At what point do we stop being ourselves and start to become another?